Street Sisters

A camera is a powerful tool. I’ve always felt that with a camera in hand I’m able to more easily connect with people I don’t know. The past two days I spent at Street Sisters Daycare and brought along my camera to photograph the experience. I have never in my life received a reaction to being photographed like the ones I received there. Once I got out my camera I was swarmed with children shoving their faces and fingers into my camera. After I snapped a picture they would scream and jump up and down until I showed it to them because they were so excited to see themselves on camera. It was really a touching experience because most of the kids could speak little to no English. My camera was able to speak in a way that we could both understand. Although I was able to get some candid moments, I’ve decided to show a few portraits instead. These images speak to my experience with these kids more than anything else. With each photograph I can hear them yell,  "Oburoni, picture!!!”